Frequently Asked Question

  1. How is this different from a CRM?

    A CRM although a great and very important software only helps in managing leads and sales. It doesn't help you do sales or while you're selling and more often than not is used as a logging tool designed to give an overview to sales managers and CEOs. Salespeople still rely on email, phone and now video chats as their primary selling methods and that is where we make them more efficient.

  2. How efficiently can it scale with a growing salesforce ?

    Salesforce of all sizes can be well supported and there's no need of any additional hardware or software. Benefits compliment scaling and get better with increasing number of members in your salesforce.

  3. I already use email tracking. Why should I buy your solution?

    We believe email tracking only solves a small part of a bigger problem i.e. customer engagement. Many people would open their email on the go or otherwise just to quickly scan through the mail to decide if they want to keep it in their inboxes or to delete them. What if you've sent an important pitch or an RFP quote? Knowing if your document was seen and to what extent is the real deal.

  4. How secure are my pitches while sharing ?

    Salespatron takes security of your files very seriously and thus ensures industry standard file transfer and storage security. Moreover, presentation link of these pitches are shared with the clients as a private link and can be rendered invalid as required whenever you want. No Salespatron employees will ever have access to your pitches unless you want them to in order to troubleshoot an issue.

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