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Manage and distribute all marketing content effectively from one place and ensure all sales reps have the latest content available with them wherever they are

No hassles in effectively distributing and updating multiple teams with all your marketing content at once. No emailing heavy attachments or forgetting to notify people of new content. Salespeople can now have access to the best content they need in their sales conversations regardless of device and location. One of the biggest challenges faced by marketing teams today is that they fail to drive adoption of a big portion of the content produced with the sales reps on the field and one of the biggest reasons for that happening is ‘availability’ of the right content at the right time and place. Don’t let that become a challenge at your organisation.

Manage and distribute marketing content

Maintain consistency in your messaging to prospects and clients

Maintain consistency

Too often it has been seen that salespeople have to customise their decks or presentations to suit the industry or geography in which they’re pitching in. To ensure that your company messaging remains consistent inspite of these customisations, help salespeople with pre-build templates for various industries and geographies distributed through the platform. This would help in two ways - a) it would increase adoption of your marketing content with the sales teams due to higher relevance and b) maintain a consistent language and communication when salespeople pitch to clients in multiple industries or geographies

Visibility into content usage helping you figure out which content is getting used and which isn’t

You’ve ensured your content is relevant and reaches into the hands of every single sales rep but how do you know what content actually got used? Our analytics dashboard gives you a complete picture of which content was used how often and by which sales rep Know metrics like most pitched content and most viewed content. If a certain piece of content is not getting used, maybe your team may want to bring that up in your next meeting with the sales teams. Maybe a certain point in your content is not working well with the clients or maybe the clients are finding some portions hard to understand.

Visiblity into content

Know what’s working in the field, which slides, which documents, to ultimately help you tweak your content for best results next time around

Tweak your content for best result

Along with knowing which content is getting used and adopted by your sales reps, analytics dashboard also gives you a view about which content is actually working in the field. Know how are the end clients actually interacting with your content. traditionally marketing teams had to rely on sales reps’ spoken word and reported data on the efficiency and usefulness of their content. The problem with that model is that reported data unlike hard numbers is prone to bias and inaccuracy. With our platform, know which slides are the clients spending more time on, which pages are be read and re-read multiple times and which documents have the highest drop-off rate while reading them. All these insights will help you prepare more engaging, more relevant content the next time around so that it results in better sell-through rate and engagement levels with end clients.

Find out true ROI of your marketing content given to sales teams and align sales and marketing efforts

It is not easy or straightforward to find out the true ROI of the effort and resources that go into producing all the content created by the marketing team as there is just no way to find out how a particular piece of content was used during closing of a deal and thus impossible to link it to net revenue generated. Getting to know which content was used and worked for your sales team in order to close a deal and at what stage can help you find out the true ROI of your produced content. Ultimately, helping align your marketing efforts with your sales efforts.

Find ROI of marketing content

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