Salespatron for sales managers/directors

See sales reps’ daily sales activity and see if you’re on track to hit your quota

Keep track of which sales reps are most actively pitching and to whom. Know the sales collateral most used by different reps, number of pitches made, responsiveness of their prospects and overall health of your sales team. The data is 100% accurate as the system does not rely on reported data by the sales team and is thus by the nature of it is un-biased

Track sales reps activity

Identify your top performers based on their daily efforts and results and reward them in their performance reviews

Identify top performants

Find out which sales rep is the most active pitcher in your team based on their activity. Gamify performance of your sales team by making a leaderboard based on their activity and motivate them to do better. Use these data points in your weekly, monthly or quarterly performance reviews instead of relying on their assumed efforts and performance based solely on memory.

Educate the rest of the team on best practices and shorten onboarding and training time for new reps

Identify what’s working for your top performers and educate the rest of your team on best practices to improve their performance as well. Find out if a certain pitch works better than the other or if a certain person in an organization is more responsive than others or if morning times work better for sending pitches or evening times. Having this knowledge lets you train and your new hires for their best performance and onboard them faster.

Shorten onboarding and training time for new reps

Observe and predict your sales pipeline based on how prospects and clients are responding to your teams’ efforts and take corrective measures well in advance

Observe and predict sales pipeline

Apart from looking at your internal sales activity, Salespatron dashboard allows you to find out how your prospects and clients are responding to your sales team. Know things like most engaged clients, clients who gave active feedback, clients who spent the most time looking at a particular sales document, say your company profile and which sales document has the highest engagement rate. Based on client interest and feedback level, know if an opportunity has chances of converting into a sale. If you find that a key client has lost interest in an important deal going by their engagement metrics, take corrective measure mid-course to try and salvage that situation.

Enable your channel partners with up-to-date company messaging and content access

Now you can not just enable your internal sales teams but also your channel partners to sell on your behalf. Provide them with your latest saes collateral updated in real-time. Keep your company and brand messaging consistent with the rest of the team. Also find out which sales collateral are your channel partners finding most useful in day-to-day selling conversations. On the other hand, know which channel partners are pitching your products most actively and promote and recognise these business partners even further.

Enable your sales partner

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